Vaccinations For Pets In Fair Lawn, NJ

Owning a pet is a responsibility that without a doubt is crucial. There are several important duties that a pet owner must do for their pets, such as scheduling wellness exams, making sure that they have food and toy essentials, that they have proper exercise and training, and that they receive vaccinations. Just like humans, pets need vaccines to keep them protected from deadly diseases. With this in mind, the veterinary team at Valley Brook Veterinary Hospital in Fair Lawn, NJ, is here to share some important information when it comes to vaccines for pets. 


Vaccines Are Tested to Ensure Safety

It is normal for someone to have questions or concerns about pet vaccines. For a vaccine to be approved, it must go through a rigorous process that must meet the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration, commonly known as FDA. If the vaccine is approved by the FDA, it means that the immunization is safe and effective for pets.

Prior to giving your pets the necessary vaccinations, our veterinarians will go over with you information about the vaccines being administered, the side effects, and the importance of receiving the vaccines.

Vaccinations Are Used to Keep Pets Safe

Vaccinations are important because they can keep your furry family members safe from harmful diseases that can affect your pets’ quality of life. The goal of a vaccine is to train the immune system to recognize and kill the deadly pathogen before it can do any harm to your pet.

Vaccinations are administered based on age and lifestyle of a pet. Our dedicated veterinary team can determine which vaccines your beloved pets’ might need. We can also help create an immunization schedule for them.

Vaccinations Also Keep People Safe

Pet vaccinations are also used to keep people safe. Some of the diseases that pets are vaccinated for, such as rabies and leptospirosis, can have a deadly impact on a person's overall health. For this reason, pet immunizations are used to keep both you and your beloved animal safe.

Comprehensive Veterinary Care for Your Pet in Fair Lawn, NJ

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