Conditions Treated

What Conditions Does 

Valley Brook Veterinary Hospital Treat?

Valley Brook Veterinary Hospital in Fair Lawn, NJ, offers a wide range of services to pet owners throughout the state. Following is an overview of the conditions we treat and the types of treatment we offer.


Dogs and cats are plagued by infections. Ear infections, skin infections, and urinary tract infections are particularly common in dogs while upper respiratory infections are common in cats. Our experienced veterinarians are aware of these issues and check every single pet for signs of these and other infections. All infections are treated in the best possible manner.  

At the same time, our animal hospital takes pride in helping pet owners prevent these infections in the first place. We never rush through an appointment, allowing pet owners to ask questions about the care and health of their pet and providing answers that can help keep a pet healthy long-term.

Skin and Hair Concerns

If your pet has a problem with dry skin, one or more inflamed areas, hair loss, a brittle coat or excessive itchiness, we can help. Our veterinarians will carefully examine your pet to pinpoint the cause of the problem and offer effective treatment. We also provide tips on keeping pet hair and skin in tip-top shape so your pet will look and feel great at all times.

Dental Concerns

Dogs and cats, like people, need regular dental care. Unfortunately, they do not understand why they must have their teeth brushed on a regular basis, making it difficult for a pet owner to maintain a high standard of oral hygiene. We offer dentistries to prevent and treat dental disease along with dental X-rays to provide a thorough and proper examination of your pet's mouth.

Life-Threatening Health Conditions

Bladder stones and skin masses are potentially life-threatening health conditions that definitely need to be addressed. Our animal hospital is second to none if your pet needs surgery, offering in-house and reference laboratory diagnostics, digital X-rays and ultrasounds to pets in need. Diagnostics are done routinely to help us identify serious illnesses that could be an underlying issue. 

Get the Best in Fair Lawn, NJ Pet Care Today

Your pet deserves the best possible care from an animal hospital with high standards, plenty of care options and experienced veterinarians who care about the needs of each animal they examine. Valley Brook Veterinary Hospital offers top-quality care that will help you keep your pet healthy and happy now and in the future. Call us at your convenience to find out more about our services or to make an appointment for your pet.



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