Cold Laser Therapy

An Overview of Cold Laser Therapy at Valley Brook Veterinary Hospital

At Valley Brook Veterinary Hospital, we take a great deal of pride in our investment in the latest treatment options for pets in our area. This includes cold laser therapy for dogs and cats. This therapy can be conveniently used to treat a wide variety of conditions. If you are looking for a veterinarian in Fair Lawn, NJ who is going to treat your pet like family, then look no further than Valley Brook Veterinary Hospital. Take a look at how we utilize cold laser therapy!


How Does Dog and Cat Cold Laser Therapy Work?

Cold laser therapy is a fairly quick and non-invasive treatment option in pets. It has been commonly used in people for several years and is now available for pets as well. Cold lasers are cold because their frequency has been turned down significantly. While hot lasers (which are used to cut through tissue and seal blood vessels) have a high frequency, cold lasers have a much lower frequency. This means that they are not going to harm cells in the body. Cold laser therapy is used to stimulate the cells slightly. This is done to improve their healing and regenerative capacities while also reducing inflammation. In this fashion, cold lasers work as a therapeutic option. Cold laser therapy can be used to treat a wide variety of health conditions in dogs and cats. All of these reasons are why we, at Valley Brook Veterinary Hospital, believe that cold laser therapy can help many pets in a positive way.

What Conditions Can Cold Laser Therapy Treat?

Cold laser therapy can be used to treat numerous conditions. For example, we can use cold laser to treat chronic pain, arthritis, aid in wound healing, post-operative care, skin conditions and much more. We can target this laser to certain areas of the body, helping to improve the pets’ quality of life. We can also use cold laser therapy to help stimulate healing and reduce inflammation of surgical incisions after having procedures here at Valley Brook Veterinary Hospital. Finally, we can also utilize cold laser therapy as a part of a physical therapy plan for dogs and cats that are recovering from injuries and surgeries.

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At Valley Brook Veterinary Hospital, our cold laser therapy is one of the many treatment options that we offer. Our goal is to provide comprehensive treatment options and services to dogs and cats in our local area. This includes preventative, acute and therapeutic care. If you are looking for a reliable veterinary service in Fair Lawn, NJ, then give us a call today! We would be honored to take care of your pet.


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