Pet Allergies

Pets are a part of our lives and without the right care, our pets can become ill and unhappy. Pets suffer from allergies the same as humans do and as such you may need to get your pets tested for allergies or have them put on medication to help handle the problems that come with allergies. For those looking for a veterinarian in Fair Lawn NJ, Valley Brook Veterinary Hospital can make a big difference in your pets’ lives.


What are Pet Allergies?

Pets can be allergic to nearly anything, grass, leaves, pollen and more and they can also be allergic to certain foods. Just like humans, pets can suffer from allergies that make daily life difficult and that can cause the eyes to water, cause your pet to sneeze, can also cause your pet to have an allergic reaction, and most commonly cause allergic skin conditions. If you are dealing with a pet that has allergies you should take the time to get them treated and to find out just what allergies they may have so that you can avoid things like allergic reactions and discomfort in their daily lives.

Pets can suffer from allergies from just about anywhere and you should take the time to get your pets to a veterinarian so that they can get medication if the allergy is bad enough, quick care medication to prevent serious allergic reactions, or just a list of what you should be avoiding to make sure that your pet is safe. For those that are looking for a veterinarian in Fair Lawn NJ, the staff at Valley Brook Veterinary Hospital can help to make sure your pets are fully cared for.

Should You Get Your Pet Allergy Tested?

Testing your pet for allergies is a great way to be sure your pets are going to be safe, that they are going to be able to avoid the things that cause them to have allergy attacks, and that you have the right medication should your pet have allergies. A great veterinarian can help you to learn what your pet might be allergic to, it can help you to see what you should avoid for your pet, and you can also help to make sure your pet is always protected. Pets cannot tell you when they are suffering from allergies but allergies do have the potential to make daily life uncomfortable.

If you have a pet that you suspect might have allergies, Valley Brook Veterinary Hospital can help you to find out what your pet is allergic to and can help you find a course of treatment for your pet and for their potential allergies.  


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